"Nature often holds up a mirror so we can see more clearly the ongoing processes of growth, renewal, and transformation in our lives."
  - Mary Ann Brussat

After Word From Maryse

Besides the excerpts of the books which are mentioned below, the ideas I have been able to put down on paper as words, are captured ‘like butterflies caught in a net’ while they were dancing through my mind: It took me ten years to let the ideas germinate and I spent all those years looking at and calculating every move; like a chess player, imagining the far reaching consequences of each move over and over again in my mind and often another possibility presented itself to be added to make the next step feasible. And I tell you something: each time I included another aspect in the 'Master plan', something happened to confirm the 'wisdom' of my choice, e.g.: when I had written down the vision statement about preparing youth for Leadership, I found in my library, on the shelf in front of the books, a book which I did not recall ever having seen before: a book on Leadership, a guideline for the mandatory full-credit course in the Sai Institute of Higher Education.

When I decided to include the, in simple words, 'children ruling the roost' concept, something similar happened: I had ordered the whole' Ringing Cedars' series (see When I started reading the third book, I saw on the inside of the front cover photographs of children in a school in Russia.  They depicted pictures of the Academician Mikhail Petrovich Shchetinin's forest school. In the book the author describes that the children designed the lay-out of the site and the buildings.  The children are not only constructing the buildings themselves, their campus, but their whole future in the process. e.g. a ten year old girl is capable of building a house, doing design drawings and cooking meals, not to mention knowing ballroom dance steps and mastering the fundamentals of Russian martial arts.  At this school children take but a year to master the whole ten-year public-school maths syllabus, along with studying three foreign languages, using a buddy system and reflect ideas on each other. They neither recruit nor produce child prodigies.  They simply give the children a chance to discover what already lies within. Three hundred pupils from different Russian cities study there and there is a waiting list of 2,500 hopefuls for an unexpected opening.   I contacted the publisher, since the school does not have e-mail or a website, and they put me into contact with one of the parents whose daughter is studying there.  I was told I am welcome to come to the school to study their system.  The money will come, no doubt, to enable me to travel to the school.

Things happening like that, are no coincidences; they are in fact my road markers to show where I am on my path.

This manifesto is still in draft-stage; I am aware that a lot of the text needs to be rephrased; we can regard this manifesto as a starting point in the spirit of learning and co-creation of the Culdee vision: I welcome any constructive feedback.

I need to have serious brainstorming sessions with:
  • Potential Culdee Pioneers, parents and their children;
  • Potential Culdee Settlers, parents and their children;
  • Children in general;
  • Anyone interested in the above mentioned project and who is willing to spend time and energy to help it take shape.

Three more dedicated and conscientious Trustees; a Patron.
Donations to give momentum to this creative process are tax deductible .
I throw our needs in the Cosmos; at the right time they will be met by the right people.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba, who asked me to start a School of Human Values;
Tony Hodgson, whose constructive and extensive feedback including his diagrams, made the Manifesto more comprehensible.

Acknowledgements: I was inspired by and used Excerpts and compilations from:
“Ecovillage living, Restoring the Earth and Her People”, edited by Hildur Jackson and Karen Svensson. and
“Creating a life Together, practical tools to grow ecovillages and Intentional Communities” by Diana Leafe Christian.
“Sai Baba’s Mahavakya On Leadership; Education in Human Values ” by Dr.M.L.Chibber
and. at the eleventh hour: “the Ringing Cedars of Russia” series: “Anastasia” , by Vladimir Megre, the RingingCedars Press

I appreciate that people who become interested in Culdees will be in different situations in their lives and on different time paths. I envision a network of all interested people, wherever they are on the planet, able to communicate using new technology, such as Skype, which enables zero or minimal cost communication, chat groups and already the beginnings of reliable video conferencing over the internet.
More on this later.

N.B.: If you like the contents of the Culdee Cornerstones and Manifesto, please tell others about it!

Bless you all;
May the sun always shine in your face and the wind blow at your back!
Rev. Maryse Anand.

(this document is subject to ongoing revision; the first draft was on 23rd September 1999)

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