" It takes a village to raise a child " ~ African Proverb

The Culdees Cornerstones

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                   How we implement the Culdees Manifesto -
          This part describes the practical aspect of the Culdee vision:

Introduction to Cornerstones

“The Nine Cornerstones”

The projects at Culdees can be thought of as falling under 9 main categories.  We have called these categories the Cornerstones. They are:

Cornerstone 1: Home-schooling Co-operative, Nature (forest) School

Cornerstone 2a: Multi-generational Co-Housing

                  2b: Senior Co-Housing

Cornerstone 3: Ecological Building and Renewable Energy

Cornerstone 4: Self-sufficiency 1 – Permaculture & Organic Growing

Cornerstone 5: Self-sufficiency 2 – Natural Farming

Cornerstone 6: Animal and Cottage Industry

Cornerstone 7: Health - Alternative Medicines and Treatments

Cornerstone 8: Recreation – Outdoor Activities

Cornerstone 9: Community Education Advocacy

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Download the full Cornerstones here  (pdf)