" Nature often holds up a mirror so we can see more clearly the ongoing processes of growth, renewal, and transformation in our lives."
  - Mary Ann Brussat

For whom

Those people who are not afraid to embark on a great lifestyle change in order to pave the way for today’s children to stimulate their children for an inspirational way of living; who are willing to foster those in less fortunate circumstances  and to fully commit themselves to the Vision and Mission statement. Who are willing to include in the community others from different cultures and belief systems who want to share the Vision and Mission.

Change and growth take place when a person has risked himself and dares to become involved with experiments with his own life”.

-Herbert Otto –

Firstly, parents who already have made the decision not to educate their children in mainstream education, maybe for the above mentioned reasons, and who home-educate their children, or who are thinking to do so, and who are looking for alternative ways of doing so.

A Home-Schooling Co-operative can be set up, where people pool their time and resources and a teacher can support the parents. Where Montessori, Steiner and Forest schooling systems can be chosen from, tailored to the child’s needs. (Of course there are more alternative systems and I would be grateful to learn more about them; the more information, the better.)  My recommendation  is to use a Buddy system, where every child is a buddy to another child, to teach, guide and support each other. To let them found a Micro country which reflects the Macro country and  let them role play the fundamental parts of running a country, teaches them that a corresponding responsibility goes with a favourable position. In this way what they learn in school they can now relate to in their daily life, or vice versa.

Secondly, couples whose children have already ‘flown the nest’ , who want a more rewarding lifestyle and who can relate to our vision.

Thirdly, singles who decided that in order to change the world, one has to begin to change one’s own life and who can relate to our vision.

Fourthly, those amongst the senior generation who can relate to our vision and would like to live this lifestyle. Their experience in life (and hopefully a wisdom arisen from that) is a valuable addition.   For these people we are creating a Senior CoHousing development, which is distinct from, but integrated with, a Multi-Generation CoHousing low-impact rural development, all forming part of the ecovillage.

Two kinds of people are attracted to forming communities- pioneers and settlers -

Pioneers take risks and leap into the unknown. They start the group, do the research, find the land. They can imagine, visualise something that doesn’t exist yet. They can inspire themselves and others to believe that this particular vision is possible and they can make it happen. They use entrepreneurial skills to do all this within their budget ( and time frame?) Use labour, tools and energy to create the physical expression of their vision on the property.

They also have: Patience, Faith, good communication skills (or at least one in this group) Tenacity: (determination and stamina) and the willingness to acknowledge others (the courtesy of heartfelt thanks).

Settlers wait and see if the pioneering group can pull it off. They come in later, when more is done about the project, and when there is something more visible to join. Settlers need the pioneers to break the trail for them.  Pioneers need the settlers to join when it is time to raise money and make the project happen. Pioneers are like entrepreneurs. Settlers are like wait-and-see investors. Forming community groups need both.