" It takes a village to raise a child " ~ African Proverb

The Culdees Manifesto

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                      This is the organisational part of the project:

Section 1 - Introduction to Manifesto

ECOVILLAGES are communities of people who strive for some of the basic goals such as: self-sufficiency in food, energy, production and services and a lifestyle in harmony with fellow beings and nature.

Ethos and the Name

    Culdees is the name of our community.

We are…

… based on the values of …

Right Conduct

… aspiring towards …

Blending the generations
Ecological self-build houses
A self-sufficient Community
Permaculture Projects with
Zero Waste and Zero Energy
Co-operatively home educate our children in Nature

      The name Culdees has a dual meaning;

            ‘Companion of God’’
            ‘Place of learning’

It is also the name given to a group of Christian monastics who were said to inhabit this locality during the 9th Century. (It is perhaps interesting to note that Culdees is the singular term, the plural of which is Culdee, however, we usually refer to ourselves as Culdeans.)

Culdees is meant to be an Universal Multifaith Community based ecovillage, which is supporting the vision to guide and educate children to become balanced, responsible and caring members of our Global society. Respect is shown for expressions of all existing religions and the regular devotional services reflect the various faiths of residents and guests. The services are open to anyone and people are invited to express and share and explain their own religious practice.

All the work that takes place at Culdees is done by volunteers. There are always opportunities for volunteers to be involved in any aspect of Culdees that resonates with them. You are very welcome to join us as a volunteer if there is anything in the following pages that speaks to you. Even if all you have are thoughts on a particular area, please do share them with us.

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