" Nature often holds up a mirror so we can see more clearly the ongoing processes of growth, renewal, and transformation in our lives."
  - Mary Ann Brussat

Who are we

There are a number of people from different walks of life who consider Culdees a home, or a home-from-home.  Some live at Culdees on a long-term basis – maybe in a tent in the field, or in one of the caravans, until something more permanent is built.  Others stop by for a few weeks between their travels.  Generally volunteers stay for a month – some spend extended summers with us.  We are working towards our muti-gereration CoHousing project which is begining with the Senior CoHousing initiative.


The success of an ecovillage is very dependent on how its individual members relate to the community and how it functions. Its success is also dependent on how its community relates to the wider whole right up to the total planet. These two areas are each explored in the next sections. Section 1 gives some illustrations of the principles that need to guide the individuals and the community. Section 2 describes an holistic framework which relates all the levels from person to planet.

Ecovillages need a social contract or social management plan, and state their visions and objectives; An internal decision-making and conflict-resolution system. A range of other matters which concern the functioning of the ecovillage and development of “community” within the village.