" It takes a village to raise a child " ~ African Proverb

These pages explain the vision behind

the proposed ecovillage, as an archive.


“To create a place where multiple generations, from cradle-to-grave, experience the living of Human Values and ethics, so becoming balanced individuals, and children become responsible role models for the future.”

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Latest news

Suddenly, on 17th April 2013, Maryse, at the age of 68, passed away.

Sadly missed and lovingly remembered by her family and many friends. She was a source of inspiration, hope and help for all of us. It is hoped that Culdees can continue to blossom in her absence.

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At the moment we are not accepting new volunteers. Developments are at a standstill , but we remain hopeful for the future. If there is anyone who can help us to raise funds so that the Trust can acquire control over the remaining land, please contact us urgently.

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The information to be found here describes in some detail the vision which Maryse was working towards. Sadly at present there is little to show. She had hopes of building a village which would become a model, which based on its success, could be duplicated elsewhere. If others can build on these ideas in the same spirit, no doubt she would be pleased.

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Definition: Ecovillages are communities of people who strive for some of the basic goals such as: self-sufficiency in food, energy, production and services and a lifestyle in harmony with fellow beings and nature. Those people are willing to scale down their current lifestyle, to live just by their basic needs, and heighten their level of consciousness.

Our interpretation: To apply the principles of human values in all we do; creating an economic model so that people can work where they live, minimising the need for commuting; caring for one another from cradle to grave.

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Co-housing is a way of living which brings individuals and families together in groups to share common aims and activities while also enjoying their own self-contained accommodation and personal space. We are planning to create both a Senior-CoHousing and a Multi-generation-CoHousing project.

Older news

Culdees Eco-Village Community Consultation
Nicola Jackson of Subtil Design presented proposals for the future development of Culdees Eco-Village. This open community consultation, held on 4th August 2012 attracted a number of people who were given an opportunity to discuss these proposals. Hopefully any prior mis-conceptions about our ideas have now been dispelled.

We have updated the information under "Ecovillage", including some proposals for the creation of new jobs; ... more here ... an introduction to our ideas ...

Work is currently under way to create a series of terraced growing beds following the Natural Farming method.

Early in 2012 we planted over 400 young native trees which the Friends of Culdeesreceived from the Woodland Trust as part of a nation-wide tree-planting project.

Towards the end of 2011, at long last, we won a court ruling which dismissed the claims of a nearby farmer over any rights to use the farmland at Boreland Farm for his own purposes.

Physically, we have some 120 acres in rural Scotland where we are working on our project. To help generate some income to fund the project we have been running Culdees Bunkhouse to provide an accommodation service. You can read in our Manifesto* about our ideas and the aims we wish to implement. We operate under a charitable trust and are at present exploring the implementation of sociocratic principles of organisation. Please be aware that there is much work needed to be done. We invite people who can relate to our ideas and who are interested in helping us achieve our objective to get in touch with us.

* Definition of manifesto: a public declaration of principles and intention.